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Gestalt theoretical / Gestalt psychological articles
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This archive was last updated: 07.10.2006. It is constantly under construction. More articles will be added before long.

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Contents of the Gestalt Archive:

Gestalten and Computers
by Rudolf ARNHEIM (1999)
Psychoanalysis, Topological Psychology and Experimental Psychopathology
by Junius F. BROWN (1937)
On Pleasure, Emotion, and Striving
by Karl DUNCKER (1941/42)
Abstract and Concrete Behavior
by Kurt GOLDSTEIN and Martin SCHEERER (1941)
Gestalt Psychology and Gestalt Therapy
by Mary HENLE (1975)
Some Aspects of the Phenomenology of the Personality
by Mary HENLE (1962)
The Unity of the Senses NEW!
by Erich M. von HORNBOSTEL (1927)
On the Structure of the UnconsciousNEW!
by Kurt KOFFKA (1928)
Principles of Gestalt Psychology
(Chapter I: Why Psychology?)
by Kurt KOFFKA (1935)
An Old Pseudoproblem
by Wolfgang KÖHLER
(Ein altes Scheinproblem, 1929; translated by Erich GOLDMEYER, 1971)
A Case of Mania with its Social Implications
by Erwin LEVY (1936)
Some Aspects of the Schizophrenic Formal Disturbance of Thought.
by Erwin LEVY (1943)
A Dynamic Theory of Personality
(Chapter VIII. Survey of the Experimental Investigations)
by Kurt LEWIN (1935)
Theory of Regression in Frustration
by Kurt LEWIN (1941)
The Role of the Social Field in Psychotherapy
by Abraham S. LUCHINS (1948)
Comments on the Concept of Closure
by Abraham S. LUCHINS & Edith H. LUCHINS (1959)
On Being Wertheimer's Student NEW!
by Abraham S. LUCHINS (1993)
A sampling of Gestalt psychologists' remarks on psychoanalysis.
by Abraham S. LUCHINS & Edith H. LUCHINS (1997)
On Schulte, Wertheimer, and Paranoia
by Abraham S. LUCHINS (1997)
With an excerpt from WERTHEIMERs Seminars and an additional comment
by Daniel J. LUCHINS
Isomorphism in Gestalt Theory: Comparison of Wertheimer's and Köhler's Concepts
by Abraham S. LUCHINS & Edith H. LUCHINS (1999)
Kurt Grelling - Steadfast Scholar in a Time of Madness NEW!
by Abraham S. LUCHINS & Edith H. LUCHINS (2000/2001)
A Lewinian Taxonomy of Psychiatric Disorders
by Matthew MAIBAUM (1992)
Certain Implications in the Concept of Gestalt
by Wolfgang METZGER (1928)
The Phenomenal-Perceptual Field as a Central Steering Mechanism
by Wolfgang METZGER (1969)
'Reality,' What does it mean?
by Lewis W. BRANDT and Wolfgang METZGER (1969)
Do Schools of Psychology Still Exist ?
by Wolfgang METZGER (1972)
Can the Subject Create His World?
by Wolfgang METZGER (1974)
Overview of the development of lucid dream research in Germany
by Paul THOLEY (1989)
Receptions, Readings and Interpretations of Gestaltpsychologie
by Fiorenza TOCCAFONDI (2002)
Gestalt Theoretical Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy
by Hans-Jürgen WALTER (1997)
(translation of 1981 German original version)
What do Gestalt therapy and Gestalt theory have to do with each other?
by Hans-Jürgen WALTER (1999)
(translation of 1984 German original version)
Gestalt Theory
by Max WERTHEIMER (1924)
Understanding Psychotics' Speech
A Max Wertheimer Seminar Transcript
More on Psychotics' Speech
Gestalt Theory in Italy - Is it Still Alive ?
by Mario ZANFORLIN (2004)

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