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15th Scientific Convention

May 24 - 27, 2007
Macerata , Italy

In cooperation with the
Dipartimento di Scienze dell'Educazione e della Formazione Università di Macerata

Developments of Gestalt Theory in Psychology and Adjacent Fields

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The 15th Scientific Convention of the GTA will be held in May 2007 in


read about Macerata and find a "guided tour" by clicking here).

You are cordially invited to attend the 15th Scientific Convention of the GTA.The conference will be held in Macerata (Italy), on May 24-27, 2007.

The conference will feature lectures, workshops and posters on topics of current interest from a wide range of fields of research and practice, demonstrating advances in Gestalt-theoretical research and application.

This year, the conference will be organized in 4 parallel sessions :

Besides these focussed sessions, a Poster Session is open for your presentations from other fields of interest or in addition to the presentations in the sessions above.

The general theme of the Conference “Relations and Structures” will be discussed, within each session, focusing on the topics described below.

Session A:Perception

Aim of the Session: The study of the relationships between structures from a perceptual point of view was first developed by Gestalt psychologists, then in TVERSKYs contrast model and lastly in the literature on same/different tasks with special reference to visual structures. This session aims to show three different perspectives in order to look at the contribution made by the original Gestalt research and its developments, which contribute to the understanding of the perception of relations.


  1. The perception of the relationships between visual forms;
  2. Perceptually-based classifications of graphic images;
  3. Grounding descriptions in perception:from Gestalt psychology to current ontology.
  4. Inquiries related to this Session A should be sent to Ivana Bianchi:

Session B: Language and Communication

Aim of the Session: Research on language and the structures of dialogue have usually been neglected by Gestalt theory. The aim of this session is to show how some of the current developments in research and theory in this field share many methodological and theoretical aspects with classic Gestalt theory, even though implicitly.


  1. The internal structure of dialogues;
  2. “Conversational happiness”and praegnanz;
  3. Relationships between structures of language and structures of visual perception: The problems of inter-semiotic transposition from verbal text to visual structure
  4. Inquiries related to this Session B should be sent to Andrzej Zuczkowski:

Session C: Developmental Psychology and Pedagogics

Aim of the Session : The purpose of this session is to find methodological and theoretical paradigms in agreement (although not explicit) with Gestalt theory in current research in the field of developmental psychology and pedagogy. The discussion will focus, in particular, on studies carried out within a system framework and based on the interactionist perspective.


  1. The relevance of METZGERs view of early child development;
  2. Action-research in educational and formative fields;
  3. Formative processes and the “peer group” culture;
  4. Interdependence and interaction in cognitive processes and human relationships;
  5. Inquiries related to this Session C should be sent to Paola Nicolini:

Session D: Social Psychology

Aim of the Session: Group dynamics and the relationships between social groups were analyzed by Kurt LEWIN according to some central paradigms of Gestalt theory .The aim of this session is to focus on three connected topics which a great deal of research in social psychology has received input from: action research applied to training groups, the role of minority groups and inter-group relationships.


  1. Action-research in social psychology;
  2. Inter-group conflict and the role of miority groups;
  3. Group dynamics and training;
  4. The Gestalt theory of ethics and contemporary philosophical theories of "virtues ”.
  5. Inquiries related to this Session D should be sent to Barbara Pojaghi:

Psychotherapy Session and open Poster Session

Inquiries related to the Psychotherapy session and to the open Poster Session should be sent to Gerhard Stemberger:

Address for further information:

Conference Committee Macerata 2007

For all information regarding the organization of the conference and for registering your participation please consult the official web page for this conference provided by the University of Macerata:

Click here for the University of Macerata Conference Page! Have a look there for the program, speakers, and all organizational issues.


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