Kurt Goldstein's Neurology of Wholeness and Healing:
a Weimar Story and its Lessons for Today

Harvard University (Cambridge, USA)

Abstract of her keynote lecture at the 10th Scientific Convention of the
Society for Gestalt Theory and its Applications (GTA)
Graz/Austria, March 1999


Any possible distinction between curing and healing is one that is too infrequently pondered in our own era of high-tech 'quick fixes' for ailments. This lecture will raise questions about the place of "healing" as a value and goal in neurology and in our society in general, by telling the story of Kurt Goldstein, a holistic neurologist with close ties to the Gestalt psychologists; a man who worked with brain-damaged soldiers during World War I and came, in the context of that work and the broader cultural imperatives of his time, to ask a question we can still "hear" today: can we be rigorous scientists of the human mind and brain and still do justice to the existential sufferings of human beings in distress?

This is a provisional abstract of the lecture.

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