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The 11th Scientific Convention of the
Society for Gestalt Theory and its Applications (GTA)


at the University of Graz / Austria, March 11-14, 1999.

Hosted by the University of Graz:
Institute for Educational Sciences
Depth Psychology and Psychotherapy Clinic of the University of Graz

Patronage / Ehrenschutz:
Eleonora Hostasch
Federal Minister for Health and Social Affairs
Caspar Einem
Federal Minister for Sciences
Alfred Stingl
Mayor of the City of Graz

Program and abstracts of lectures
(latest update: 03.06.1999)

Keynote Lecture: Prof. Anne Harrington
(Harvard University, Cambridge, USA)

Friday, March 12th, 1999, 07.00 pm

Kurt Goldstein's Neurology of Wholeness and Healing:
a Weimar Story and its Lessons for Today

Any possible distinction between curing and healing is one that is too infrequently pondered in our own era of high-tech 'quick fixes' for ailments. This lecture will raise questions about the place of "healing" as a value and goal in neurology and in our society in general, by telling the story of Kurt Goldstein, a holistic neurologist with close ties to the Gestalt psychologists; a man who worked with brain-damaged soldiers during World War I and came, in the context of that work and the broader cultural imperatives of his time, to ask a question we can still "hear" today: can we be rigorous scientists of the human mind and brain and still do justice to the existential sufferings of human beings in distress?

Anne Harrington is professor for the history of science, specializing in the history of the modern mind, brain and behavioral sciences. She is currently co-Director of the Harvard Interfaculty Initiative in Mind, Brain and Behavior, and a consultant to the MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Mind-Body Interactions. The author of numerous scholarly articles, she has also published several books: Medicine, Mind and the Double Brain (1987), Reenchanted Science (1996), and The Placebo Effect (ed) (1997).

Lectures in Plenary Session:
Most of the lectures were held in German - abstracts in English were provided. Conference languages were German and English.
The lectures are / will be published in the scientific quarterly of the GTA,
Gestalt Theory
Visit Gestalt Theory's website for details.


Speaker (click for information about the presenter)

Topic of lecture (click links for short abstracts in English; where they are not yet available you may in the meanwhile read the German abstracts) - Lectures were held in German or English and are / will be published in Gestalt Theory

Friday, 9.30-10.15

Prof. Dr. Walter Pieringer

Alfred Adler: Contributions for a biology of meaning

Friday, 10.15-11.00

o. Univ. Prof. Dr. Helmut Seel

Gestalt theoretical foundations for exemplary teaching

Friday, 11.30-12.15

Dr. Marianne Soff & Michael Ruh

Basic concepts of Adlerian psychology from Gestalt theoretical point of view
The Problem of Effect

Friday, 12.15-13.00

Dr. Herbert Fitzek

Gestalt - a dynamic principle of action. Contribution to Max Wertheimer s lecture 'On Gestalt Theory'

Keynote lecture
Friday, 07.00 pm

Prof. Anne Harrington

Kurt Goldstein's Neurology of Wholeness and Healing: a Weimar Story and its Lessons for Today

Saturday, 9.00-9.30

Prof. Dr. Gisela Kubon-Gilke

Economics and Gestalt Theory

Saturday, 9.30-10.15

Prof. Dr. Dr. Franz Haslinger

Morals and Economic Processes

Saturday, 10.15-11.00

Prof. Dr. Renate Schubert

Financial Choice Behavior - Are Women Really More Risk Averse?

Saturday, 11.30-12.15

Prof. Dr. Ernst Plaum

Why passes the train IC 781 at Sabine M.'s 26th birthday at 13.49 with a velocity of 82,5 kilometres per hour through Eichstätt station? Or: The misery of searching for pure forces in an highly complex reality.

Saturday, 12.15-13.00

Dr. Gerhard Stemberger

Gestalt theoretical contributions to psychopathology

Saturday, 18.30-19.30

Wolfgang-Metzger-Award 1999:
Award Winner's Ceremony for Giovanni Bruno VICARIO, Yoshie KIRITANI, Steven LEHAR, Geert-Jan BOUDEWIJNSE and lecture

Giovanni Bruno VICARIO and Yoshie KIRITANI
Slow-motion tunnel effect
[ published in Gestalt Theory 2/99]

Schedule for sunday is provisional -
there might be changes in the sequence of presentations!

Sunday, 9.00-9.45

Dr. Mauro Antonelli

Vittorio Benussi and the Graz school - production theory versus Gestalt theory

Sunday, 9.45-10.30

Geert-Jan Boudewijnse

The Rise and Fall of the Graz School
[published in Gestalt Theory 2/99]

Sunday, 10.30-11.15

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kriz

'Efficiency' - A Golden Calf of Today

Sunday, 11.30-12.15

Steven Lehar

Gestalt isomorphism
and the quantification of spatial perception
[ published in Gestalt Theory 2/99]

Sunday, 12.15-12.45

Dr. Hans-Jürgen Walter

Encomium for Wolfgang Metzger on his 100th birthday


Round-table discussion: The Problem of Effect

Chairperson: Dr. Hans-Jürgen Walter




Topic (click on workshop-title for short abstracts in English; click here for abstracts in German) - Workshops in German or English

Friday, 15.30-17.45

Dörthe van der Voort & Beate Weitkemper &
Ursula Bünger

Workshop Educational Theory

Friday, 15.30-17.45

Dr. Marianne Soff & Michael Ruh

Workshop Psychotherapy: Adlerian Psychology and Gestalt theoretical psychotherapy

Friday, 15.30-17.45

Dr. Herbert Fitzek

Gestalt theory and the research on effect

1. Dipl.-Psych., Mag. Phil., Mag. Theol. Andreas M. Marlovits:
Gestalten of achievement. Psychological effects of peak performance in sports.

2. Marianne Küttner:
Contributions of Gestalt psychology in research
on marketing effects.

Saturday, 15.30-17.45

DDr. Dieter Zabransky, Dr. Eva Wagner-Lukesch & Dr. Brigitte Lustig

Introduction to Gestalt theoretical psychotherapy

Saturday, 15.30-17.45

Prof. Dr. Ernst Plaum

Gestalt-psychological assessment of achievement: the 'Würfelkasten' (cube box) according to Gottschaldt

Saturday, 15.30-17.45

Prof. Andrzej Zuczkowski

"You make me feel...": Gestalt therapy and Gestalt theory on emotional causality in interpersonal relations

Participation fees:

GTA-members: 1.560 ATS (Austrian Shillings) - 225 DM (German Marks) - 115,00 Euro
Student Members: 1.280 ATS - 185 DM - 94,60 Euro
Non-Members: 1.840 ATS - 265 DM - 135,50 Euro
Student Non-Members: 1.650 ATS - 225 DM - 115,00 Euro
(participation fees include coffee/drinks and snacks during the breaks)

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