10th Scientific Convention of the GTA

March 6-9, 1997, Vienna/Austria

Program and abstracts.

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Program and links to the abstracts


KARL H. PRIBRAM (Stanford University, Radford University)
Holonomic Brain Theory and Gestalt - Recent Experimental Results


Hans-Peter BILEK (Wien/Austria)
Psychosis from a Gestalt therapy theoretical view

Oskar FRISCHENSCHLAGER (Univ. Wien/Austria)
The development of psychic structure from a psychoanalytic developmental perspective

Thomas FUCHS (Univ. Bonn/Germany)
Psychoanalytic concepts in the light of Gestalt theory

Giuseppe GALLI (Univ. Macerata/Italy)
The scientific methodology of Kurt Lewin and psychoanalysis

Juergen KRIZ (Univ. Osnabrueck/Germany)
The relevance of discontinuities for developmental processes

Gisela KUBON-GILKE (Techn. Hochschule Darmstadt/Germany)
Institutional Economics and the Evolutionary Metaphor

Lucia LUMBELLI (Univ. Triest/Italy)
Gestalt theory and C. Rogers' definition of subject-centered interview

Walter PIERINGER (Klinik f. Med. Psychol. u. Psychoth. d. Univ. Graz/Austria)
Problems of Genesis - Problems of Epistemology

Ernst PLAUM (Univ. Eichstaett/Germany)
Permanency of change or permanency and change? Historical remarks on problematic aspects of a philosophy of change. A psychologist's view.

Mario POLITO (Asiago/Italy)
How Gestalt Theory can facilitate teaching and learning processes

Ingar ROGGEN (University of Oslo, Norway)
Connections, Constitutive Sets and Gestalt Laws

Bernd RUNDE (Univ. Osnabrueck/Germany)
Leadership, organizational development and synergetics - possibilities for a reformulation

Helmut SEEL (Univ. Graz/Austria)
Didactics and Gestalt psychology

Bruno WALDVOGEL (Psychiatr. Klinik d. Univ. Muenchen/Germany)
The development of the phenomenal and the internal world - a topic of connection between Gestalt
theory and psychoanalysis


1. Gestalt theory and psychoanalysis
with Bernd GERSTNER (Biedenkopf/Germany) and Michael RUH (Rosenthal/Germany). Under participation of the speakers on this topic: Bruno WALDVOGEL, Thomas FUCHS, Oskar FRISCHENSCHLAGER and Giuseppe GALLI and the members of the GTA working group 'Gestalt theory and psychoanalysis' Michael KALWEIT (Laupheim/Germany), Sabine SCHMIDT-KUTSCHA (Hofheim/Germany), Marianne SOFF (Heppenheim/Germany).

2. Psychological assessment and Gestalt theory: The Wunschprobe according to Wilde
with Ernst PLAUM (Univ. Eichstätt/Germany).

3. Learning and teaching - Gestalt theory and didactics.
with Mario POLITO (Asiago/Italy) and Helmut SEEL (Graz/Austria).

4. Gestalt theory and organizational development
with Wolfgang DÖRING (Wien/Austria) and Gisela KUBON-GILKE (Darmstadt/Germany)

5. Genesis of Psychosis and Gestalt theory
with Hans Peter BILEK (Wien/Austria) and Michael RUH (Rosenthal/Germany)

6. Gestalt Theoretical Psychotherapy - An Introduction
with Marianne SOFF (Heppenheim/Germany) and Dieter ZABRANSKY (Wien/Austria)

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