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->GENERAL SOURCES on Gestalt theory, Gestalt psychology
->SHORT DESCRIPTIONS of Gestalt theory and Gestalt psychology
->Gestalt theory - QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS
->Gestalt theory and Gestalt psychology: PERSONALITIES, BIOGRAPHIES, HISTORY
->Gestalt theory: FULL TEXT CLASSICS
->Gestalt theory: Full text articles in the GESTALT ARCHIVE

->Gestalt psychology and KURT LEWIN'S FIELD THEORY
->Gestalt theory applied in MUSICOLOGY, DESIGN, ARCHITECTURE, ARTS

->Gestalt theoretical findings RE-APPRAISED, CONFIRMED, RESUMED, RE-APPLIED
->Gestalt theory and Gestalt psychology: MISCELLANEOUS APPLICATIONS
->GESTALT THERAPY - SUMMARIES, outlines, short descriptions on the net
->Gestalt-PSYCHOTHERAPY - ASSOCIATIONS and Institutes (international and various countries)

Developments of Gestalt Theory in Psychology and Adjacent Fields

International Gestalt Theory Congress
15th Scientific Convention of the GTA

May 24 - 27, 2007
Macerata , Italy

Click here for the program and for information about earlier Gestalt conventions!

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Gestalt Theory and Linguistics Page

Gestalt Theory and Musicology Page

Bibliografia Gestalt -Publicações em língua portuguesa

The origin of meaning: Gestalt in a reconsidered context - A. Manja Larcher

Unità Identità Causalità - Paolo Bozzi (1969 - introduction to study of perception; in Italian)

Gestalt Learning Theory for Dummies - by Michael Thomas, Minot State University

Berlinexperimenten - (Finnish; about the Berlin experimenst of Kurt Lewin and his group)

Kurt Lewin: La Teoria del Campo y el Aprendizaje
(1942; 1951 incluida como capítulo cuarto en el libro "La Teoría de Campo en las Ciencias Sociales")

David Katz - Begründer des Instituts für Pädagogische Psychologie der Universität Rostock

Karl Duncker - Sein Leben und seine Theorie der funktionalen Gebundenheit

What Abstraction Is - Excerpted from Rudolf Arnheim Visual Thinking

Einsichtiges Lernen: Gestaltpsychologie - Ferdinand Herget (in German)

Metzger's Chapter on Visual Motion - English translation of chapter 16 of Wolfgang Metzger's famous book 'Gesetze des Sehens' (Laws of Vision) - by Robert Sekuler

Gestalt Theory in Visual Screen Design - Dempsey Chang, Laurence Dooley and Juhani E. Tuovinen

Luchins and Luchins 1950 : Water jug experiment

The new Max Wertheimer classic
by D. Brett King and Michael Wertheimer:

Max Wertheimer & Gestalt Theory

Max Wertheimer  Gestalt Theory book

New Brunswick (USA) and London (U.K.): Transaction Publishers, 2005

ISBN 0-7658-0258-9

Wolfgang Metzger

Laws of Seeing

(translated by Lothar Spillmann, Michael Wertheimer, Steven Lehar)

MIT Press, Cambridge 2006

ISBN 0-262-13467-5

6 x 9, 392 pp., 194 illus. $48.00/£30.95 (CLOTH)

English translation of Metzger's
'Gesetze des Sehens'

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