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Developments of Gestalt Theory in Psychology and Adjacent Fields

International Gestalt Theory Congress
15th Scientific Convention of the GTA

May 24 - 27, 2007
Macerata , Italy

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=>Gestalt theory in musicology, design, architecture, arts

Gestalt Theory and Linguistics Page

Gestalt Theory and Musicology Page

Entropy and Art : Rudolf Arnheim (1971) on order, equilibrium, homeostasis

- Excerpted from Rudolf Arnheim Visual Thinking

The Little Owl on the Shoulders of Athene - by Roy R. Behrens, Univ. of Northern Iowa


Roy BEHRENS: University of Northern Iowa

Art, Design and Gestalt Theory: Roy Behrens, Univ. of Northern Iowa

The Thought, Life and Influence of Rudolf ARNHEIM
by Ian Verstegen (Temple University, Philadelphia, PA)

Gestalt from Goethe to Gibson. Theories on the vision of beauty and order:
Crétien van Campen, Netherlands
Early Abstract Art and Experimental Gestalt Psychology. Crétien van Campen, Netherlands
Picture Perception Research
Gibson's continuation of the Gestalt and Bauhaus tradition
Crétien van Campen

Perceptual Articulation of Musical Gestalts : Preben von der Lippe, Univ. of Oslo, Norway

Music, Gestalt, and Computing: new book, edited by Marc Leman, Belgium

Rhythm as viewed in perceptual psychology - Daigoh Suetomi and Yoshitaka Nakajima, Kyushu Institute of Design, Department of Acoustic Design

Pierre Schaeffer: alla ricerca dell'oggeto sonoro: Cristina Palomba

Hoerkultur in Japan: Shin Nakagawa Kyoto City University of Arts and Music

OPTOSYS - Musikwerkstatt für kollektives Komponieren und musikalische Phänomenologie:
Thomas Nagel

Gestalt laws applied in painting : Georges Meurant, Belgium

Illusory contours in the paintings of Ellsworth Kelly (Perception 1996, vol. 25)

Gestalt theory and photographic composition - EQUILIBRIUM: by Michael Fulks
Gestalt theory and photographic composition - CLOSURE: by Michael Fulks
Gestalt theory and photographic composition - PROXIMITY: by Michael Fulks

Theory of Gestalt Psychology in Graphic Design: Jenny Fultz, Anderson University

An experimental typeface named Gestalt : From typography.com

Gestalt in der Architektur: Fachhochschule Düsseldorf

Understanding Movement: by Leslie Carlson Vaughan
This article (abstract) examines movement in Theatre and Psychology and how connotative values are associated with movement.

Rhythmic and Strophic Organization in Mediaeval Hebrew Poetry - Reuven Tsur and Yehosheva Bentov

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