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Developments of Gestalt Theory in Psychology and Adjacent Fields

International Gestalt Theory Congress
15th Scientific Convention of the GTA

May 24 - 27, 2007
Macerata , Italy

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=>Gestalt Theoretical Psychotherapy

Short outline

Books and articles

Einführung in die Grundlagen Gestalttheoretischer Psychotherapie

Was haben Gestalt-Therapie und Gestalttheorie miteinander zu tun? by H.-J. P. Walter
Psychische Störungen im Ich-Welt-Verhältnis. Gestalttheorie und psychotherapeutische Krankheitslehre

Gestalt Theoretical Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy by H.-J. P. Walter

What do Gestalt therapy and Gestalt theory have to do with each other? by H.-J. P. Walter

Sobre a psicologia da forma e os 12 preceitos de H.-J. Walter
by M. Azevedo Fernandes (in Portuguese, with a short comment by G. Stemberger)

A sampling of Gestalt psychologists' remarks on psychoanalysis by A.S. & E.H. Luchins
On Schulte, Wertheimer, and Paranoia by A.S. & E.H. Luchins

Psychoanalytical Concepts and Gestalt Theory - An Analysis of Selected Defence Mechanisms
by Thomas Fuchs et al.

Gestalt Theory and Psychopathology by Gerhard Stemberger (abstract of lecture)

Erwin Levy (1936): A Case of Mania with its Social Implications
Erwin Levy (1943): Some Aspects of the Schizophrenic Formal Disturbance of Thought
Matthew Maibaum: A Lewinian Taxonomy of Psychiatric Disorders

Mary Henle (1962): Some Aspects of the Phenomenology of the Personality

New edition of American Gestalt psychologist Molly Harrower's book:
The Therapy of Poetry

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