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Gestalt theoretical findings
re-appraised, confirmed, resumed, re-applied

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Developments of Gestalt Theory in Psychology and Adjacent Fields

International Gestalt Theory Congress
15th Scientific Convention of the GTA

May 24 - 27, 2007
Macerata , Italy

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=>Gestalt theoretical findings
re-appraised, confirmed, resumed, re-applied

Karl Pribram's Holographic Brain Theory : Jeff Prideaux, Virginia Commonwealth University

A Historical Perspective on Philosophical Foundations of Information Systems:
Prakash Saraswat, Bentley College

Analytic and gestalt modes in language acquisition and use: Prizant (1983)

Rhythmic and Strophic Organization in Mediaeval Hebrew Poetry - Reuven Tsur and Yehosheva Bentov

Gestalt and Instructional Design - Clare Torrans
Gestalt theory has had wide-ranging implications for several disciplines and learning theories.

Instructional Technology Foundations and Theories of Learning: Gestalt Theory - Debbie Clark

Understanding Movement: by Leslie Carlson Vaughan
This article (abstract) examines movement in Theatre and Psychology and how connotative values are associated with movement.

Zur Problematik der Gestalttheorie :
(Alfred Horak, Austria, discussing Gestalt theory in Zoology)

Music, Gestalt, and Computing: new book, edited by Marc Leman, Belgium

Freinet Pedagogy (Célestin Freinet, 1896-1966, influenced by Gestalt psychology)

Behavioral and Cognitive Development - Longitudinal Study of Autobiographical Memory: Dirk H. Hillebrandt (Max-Planck-Institut f. psychol. Forschung, Munich)
(relating to Gottschaldt's study of pairs of twins)

Autism: Understanding the mind, fitting together the pieces: Francesca Happé
(relating to Gottschaldt's findings)

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