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The Gestalt Bookshelf
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Developments of Gestalt Theory in Psychology and Adjacent Fields

International Gestalt Theory Congress
15th Scientific Convention of the GTA

May 24 - 27, 2007
Macerata , Italy

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=>General Sources on Gestalt Theory, Gestalt Psychology

The international multidisciplinary Society for Gestalt Theory and its Applications (GTA)
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Die internationale multidisziplinäre Gesellschaft für Gestalttheorie und ihre Anwendungen (GTA)
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L'internazionale Associazione della Teoria della Gestalt e delle sue Applicazioni (GTA)
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La société pour la théorie de la Gestalt et ses applications (GTA)

GESTALT THEORY - An International Multidisciplinary Journal.
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HomePage of the bi-lingual (English-German) scientific journal of the GTA. Listing the contents of the current issue and of all issues of the year.
HomePage der wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift der GTA mit Inhaltsverzeichnis des laufenden und der früheren Jahrgänge

List of Authors published in Gestalt Theory


The electronic GESTALT ARCHIVE
This GTA site presents full text articles about various topics of your interest. Site opened in November 1997, constantly under construction.

List of Scientific GTA Conventions 1979-2003

List of Online Abstracts of Lectures at the Scientific GTA Conventions since 1997

Gestalt Theory Keywords

Bibliografia Gestalt -Publicações em língua portuguesa

Max Wertheimer Minerva Center for Cognitive Processes and Human Performance (Haifa, Israel)

Gestalt Theoretical Psychology Links - Sonoma State University

Présences de la Gestalt - "Intellectica" No. 28 (1/99)

New reprint of Willis D. ELLIS (1938):
A Source Book of Gestalt Psychology

APA re-issued Kurt LEWINs "Resolving Social Conflicts" and "Field Theory in Social Sciences":
see: News from the World of Gestalt

=>Gestalt theory and Gestalt psychology - short descriptions

Max Wertheimer: Gestalt Theory (1924)

What is Gestalt theory? : GTA (in English)

Was ist Gestalttheorie? : GTA (in German)

Che cos'è la Teoria della Gestalt? : GTA (in Italiano)

La théorie de la Gestalt, qu'est-ce que c'est? : GTA (Français)

Gestalt psychology:
Don Burke (Minot State University ) educational presentation with slides

Gestalt Psychology - Psychological Schools of Thought : Marshall University History of Psychology class

A teoria da gestalt - Texto adaptado de BOCK, Ana Maria. Psicologias. Uma introdução ao estudo de psicologia.

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Gestalt theory - Questions and Answers

Gestalt theory and EPISTEMOLOGY - Critical Realism: Prof. Paul Tholey

Gestalt theory and MATHEMATICS : Prof. Edith H. Luchins

Opere importanti sulla PSICOLOGIA DELLA FORMA in ITALIANO: Gerhard Stemberger

Gestalt theory and PSYCHOSIS : Gerhard Stemberger

Gestalt theory and Edward C. TOLMAN : Michael Ruh, Gerhard Stemberger

Gestalt theory and Max WERTHEIMER : Gerhard Stemberger

Gestalt Theory Keywords

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Gestalt theory/psychology: personalities, biographies, history

The Max Wertheimer Page

Max Wertheimer: Kurz-Biographie in deutscher Sprache (Univ. Frankfurt)

Max Wertheimer - Tribute on the Webpage of the US-German Corner

Max Wertheimer; Wolfgang Köhler; Kurt Koffka - Short biographies (McGraw-Hill Co.)
Biografía de tres de las más representativas figuras del movimiento gestáltico
Max Wertheimer biography - by (India)
Wertheimer, Max (1880-1943) (Spanish)

Kurt LEWIN (pic and bio in German): Fernuniversität Hagen, Germany

LEWIN and Contemporary Social Psychology: Albert Pepitone, Miriam Lewin

Kurt LEWIN (1890-1947): Biography - Theory - Time Line - Bibliography. Compiled by Julie Greathouse

Kurt LEWIN, oevre and bibliography: Eric Pettifor

Rare photographs of Kurt LEWIN, Ronald LIPPITT, Lee BRADFORD
and other pioneers of corporate change
Kurt Lewin biography - by (India)

The Little Owl on the Shoulders of Athene - by Roy R. Behrens, Univ. of Northern Iowa

Rudolf ARNHEIM, Selected chronological bibliography of books: 1928-1987

Rudolf ARNHEIM, Bibliography of articles, published in Leonardo, 1968-1997

The Thought, Life and Influence of Rudolf ARNHEIM
by Ian Verstegen (Temple University, Philadelphia, PA)

Biography of:Rudolf ARNHEIM by Igor Shteyrenberg

Biography of Mary HENLE

Gaetano KANIZSA : Dipartimento di Psicologia, Univ. di Trieste

The 1998 Trieste Symposium on Perception and Cognition (KANIZSA Lectures)

Gestalt-Psychology in German Culture
: New book of Mitchell G. Ash
Mitchell G. Ash: La Psicologia de la Gestalt en la Cultura de Weimar

German holism revisited: really? A review of Anne Harrington's 'Reenchanted science' - by Jüri Allik and Wolfgang Drechsler, University of Tartu, Estonia

Homo ex Machina: Retrospective Review of KÖHLER, "Gestalt Psychology"
by Mary Henle (1997)

Kurt KOFFKA - Short Biography: by Andy Blunden, Melbourne University

Kurt KOFFKA in Giessen (in German)

Wolfgang KÖHLER
- fragmento de um texto, by Prof. Paulo Francisco Slomp (Porto Alegre, Brazil):
'A Inteligência dos Antropóides' (in Portuguese)

Wolfgang Köhler: A psicologia da gestalt nos dias atuais- fragmentos do texto integral, tradução de Sylvio Uliana (in Portuguese)

Excerpts from Wolfgang's Köhler's book The Mentality of Apes (1925)
Wolfgang Köhler biography
- by (India)
Enciclopedia Multimediale delle Scienze Filosofiche: Wolfgang Köhler (in Italiano)
Wolfgang Köhler (biografia en espanol)

Wolfgang KÖHLER's film on 'Intelligence Tests on Anthropoid Apes' (1914-1917) - where to get it
Tool Making Chimps - Wolfgang KÖHLER for Kids!

Kurt GOLDSTEIN's contribution to the development of neurorehabilitation
by Peter Frommelt
Kurt GOLDSTEIN (1878-1965): by Judith Felson Duchan
Kurt GOLDSTEIN (A Biographical Note): Nature Institute
Seeing Things Right-side Up: The Implications of Kurt GOLDSTEINs Holism: by Craig Holdrege

Wolfgang METZGER Page

Wolfgang METZGER Bibliography
of Publications in English, French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish

Wolfgang METZGERs Vortrag:
Psychologische Grundlagen. Erziehung zum selbständigen Denken (1952)
Tonaufnahme auf Kassette. Ausleihmöglichkeit (nur für Schulen in BRD).

Solomon E. ASCH (1907-1996): Obituary by Prof. Mary Henle
Solomon E. ASCH (1907-1996): Obituary by Dr. John Sabini
The Legacy of Solomon ASCH - Essays in Cognition and Social Psychology (book)

Paul THOLEY Page
WWW-documents of the eminent German Gestalt psychologist

Life and work of Muzaver Sherif

David Katz - Begründer des Instituts für Pädagogische Psychologie der Universität Rostock

Karl Duncker - Sein Leben und seine Theorie der funktionalen Gebundenheit

MACH and EHRENFELS: The Foundations of Gestalt Theory (Mulligan/Smith)

Hans WALLACH (1904-1998)

Per Gianfranco MINGUZZI (1927-1987): di Renzo Canestrari

Le Holism de J.C. Smuts: Jean-Marie Robine

S.H. FOULKES (Sigmund Heinrich Fuchs)

MERLEAU-PONTY, Mind and Body (1999 Meeting of the M-P Circle)
The Current Relevance of Merleau-Ponty's Phenomenology of Embodiment (Dreyfus)

Vittorio BENUSSI, edited by Serena Cattaruzza, In Axiomates, X, dicembre 1999

Now released:
The new Max Wertheimer classic - A terrific, breathtaking book
by D. Brett King and Michael Wertheimer:

Max Wertheimer & Gestalt Theory

Max Wertheimer  Gestalt Theory book

New Brunswick (USA) and London (U.K.): Transaction Publishers, 2005

ISBN 0-7658-0258-9

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Gestalt theory: full text classics

Christopher D. Green, York University, Toronto/Ontario, presents:
Classics in the History of Psychology: Gestalt Psychology:

Kurt KOFFKA: Perception - An Introduction to the Gestalt-Theorie (1922)

Kurt KOFFKA: Principles of Gestalt Psychology (1935),
Chapter I: Why Psychology? (full text)

Max WERTHEIMER: Laws of Organization in Perceptual Forms (1923)

Wolfgang KÖHLER: Gestalt Psychology Today (1959)

Wolfgang KÖHLER - fragmento de um texto, by Prof. Paulo Francisco Slomp (Porto Alegre, Brazil):
'A Inteligência dos Antropóides' (in Portuguese)

Wolfgang KÖHLER: A psicologia da gestalt nos dias atuais- fragmentos do texto integral, tradução de Sylvio Uliana (in Portuguese)

Related site: The GESTALT ARCHIVE
[A GTA site publishing Gestalt theoretical full text articles on various topics]

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