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Wolfgang Metzger
(* 22.7.1899 + 20.12.1979)
1978 : Honorary Chairman of the international
Society for Gestalt Theory and its Applications (GTA)
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Publications in German
Gesamtverzeichnis der Veröffentlichungen

A comprehensive bibliography of Wolfgang METZGER was published by Michael STADLER as an annex in:

W. METZGER, Gestalt-Psychologie. Ausgewählte Werke aus den Jahren 1950 bis 1982, herausgegeben und eingeleitet von Michael STADLER und Heinrich CRABUS, Frankfurt: Waldemar Krammer, 1986 and 1999, pp 540-558 ("Gesamtverzeichnis der Veröffentlichungen"):

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Publications in English



Wolfgang Metzger

Laws of Seeing

(translated by Lothar Spillmann, Michael Wertheimer, Steven Lehar)

MIT Press, Cambridge 2006

ISBN 0-262-13467-5

6 x 9, 194 illus. $48.00/30.95 (CLOTH)

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English translation of the 1st edition of Metzger's 'Gesetze des Sehens'.

This classic work in vision science, written by a leading figure in Germany's Gestalt movement in psychology and first published in 1936, addresses topics that remain of major interest to vision researchers today.

Wolfgang Metzger's main argument, drawn from Gestalt theory, is that the objects we perceive in visual experience are not the objects themselves but perceptual effigies of those objects constructed by our brain according to natural rules. Gestalt concepts are currently being increasingly integrated into mainstream neuroscience by researchers proposing network processing beyond the classical receptive field. Metzger's discussion of such topics as ambiguous figures, hidden forms, camouflage, shadows and depth, and three-dimensional representations in paintings will interest anyone working in the field of vision and perception, including psychologists, biologists, neurophysiologists, and researchers in computational vision--and artists, designers, and philosophers.

Each chapter is accompanied by compelling visual demonstrations of the phenomena described; the book includes 194 illustrations, drawn from visual science, art, and everyday experience, that invite readers to verify Metzger's observations for themselves. Today's researchers may find themselves pondering the intriguing question of what effect Metzger's theories might have had on vision research if The Laws of Seeing and its treasure trove of perceptual observations had been available to the English-speaking world at the time of its writing.

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